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About Your Guide

My name is Levi  and I am a licensed tour guide who takes great pride in sharing the beauty of Israel with others.

Shortly after the army, with a keen interest in different cultures and lands, I took the opportunity to travel throughout Far East Asia to explore and discover China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. As my journey continued, however, my heart started to long for the extravagant and serene beauties of Israel. Israel was the place I wanted to know about most. I knew that now and nothing in my mind, and in what I felt, could compare to Israel. 

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Upon my return, I rushed to sign up for classes through the Ministry of Tourism to learn about Israel’s expansive and deep-rooted history. By trekking the land and learning its stories I came to understand and further appreciate its rich history. This only furthered and deepened my connection to the Land of Israel.

The ultimate journey begins with Jerusalem, the capital city.


Jerusalem is the home to many different ethnicities, each with their unique histories and journeys in what brought them to Israel.

Join me to peek into this incredible country in a way that will leave you with a new appreciation for its culture and history just as it did for me.

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