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Levi Simon giving a tour

   Discover.  Learn.  Explore.

                                                        "אין אהבת הארץ בלי ידיעת הארץ"

   זאב וילנאי                                                                                        "There is no love of the land without knowledge of the land"

Ze'ev Vilnai

Looking for our latest pop up group tour?

You Deserve The Best Israel Experience 

From sprawling and unforgettable sites to undiscovered

corners there’s just so much to see and explore. ​


Whether you choose to take one of my exclusive and private tours or opt for a guided group tour, this will be an experience you won’t forget.

Heide M.


" I couldn't have done it better without the help of our AMAZING tour guide and friend, Levi S! I HIGHLY recommend touring with Levi, as his thorough explanation, patience to listen and answer questions, and make sure we truly understand what we are seeing absolutely makes him one of the greatest tour guides "
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